Follow Through Is the #1 Step Towards Success

Follow Through Is the Most Important Action

Have you ever known someone to have great ideas, but never follow through with any of them?  I’ve seen it in people; and to be quite frank, I’m guilty as well. Following through is the action, in law of action, that works extremely well with the law of attraction.

First step:  An idea or inspiration comes to you.

Second:  Clarity; get really clear on what you want to do with the idea.

Third:  Think about how this helps or contributes in some way.

Fourth:  What steps are needed to bring this inspired thought into fruition.

Fifth:  Take action and follow through.

I Don’t Know How to Complete the Steps

What if you don’t know how to follow through on the idea, you don’t know what steps to take?  Get clear on what exactly what you want out of the inspiration/idea.  Is it a hobby?  A career? Or lifestyle? What’s your intention?

Simply, start with some research. Learn everything about the subject; through Google, YouTube, libraries, books, blogs, people, etc.  It’s actually easier these days to find out anything on any subject.  The operative word is “DO.” Nike’s slogan is – Just Do It.  Nothing says it more blatantly  than that.

Say you decided you want this new idea to turn into a business.  Surround yourself with people who are like-minded.  Feeding off others’ energy keeps your momentum going. You can sabotage yourself by the people you hang out with.  Successful people position themselves with others that are equally or more successful in the same industry. Humans love talking about themselves and sharing their stories.  Asking questions never hurt anyone.  Get curious and follow through.

Fake It Until You Make It

You’ve decided what it is you want to be or do, then start acting like it.  You’ve done your research.  You know what your new business is going to be.  Now it’s time to follow through with your actions in bringing the project into fruition.

Mimic the people that have succeeded in your desired area.  Even if you aren’t sure exactly what it is or why.  Fake it until you make it.  At least you are doing something. Don’t let fear of failure get in the way.  You won’t always do things correctly, but failing is a stepping stone to success.  The why and what will make itself clear at some point.

Look the part. If you want to be a rockstar, dress like one.  If you want to be a hairstylist, be fashionable and do your hair. People should know what you do by your actions and appearance. None of this will happen on its own.  Following through on your part, is the only thing making this happen.

Some Parts Are Fun And Some Aren’t

I don’t care what kind of career you’re in; artist, musician, author, etc. There will be parts that are not very much fun and it is usually the logistics.  Artists, especially, only want to focus on their craft.  They don’t like promoting themselves or collecting money.

It is more effortlessly, now than ever, to get your service or product out into the world with modern technology.  It might be more competitive, but don’t let that discourage you.  There’s a reason why 92% of people don’t achieve their goals. (Taken from research in 2016 by University of Scranton) People aren’t following through with action.

Start small and set achievable tasks. The biggest mistake is to set an unreasonable goal. You will only set yourself up for disappointment.   Most people think that small successes don’t matter.  If you are starting to promote yourself through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., you aren’t going to get to 10,000 followers in a week.  Be happy when you reach 50. Then the next milestone, 100 and so forth.

Create a habit of posting to social media. The one’s having hundreds of thousands of followers, post around 60 times per day sometimes. If you’re new to advertising on social media, chances are you’re lucky if you remember to post at all.  Set up small goals.  Remind yourself to post twice a day.  Gradually build yourself up to more.  There are apps that can schedule posts for you. Learn about those.

Engaging With People

Engaging and interacting with people are most important.  Follow up with an email or comment to someone you just met.  Connecting with your client is crucial.  I can’t stress enough how customer service will benefit you the most.  What do people complain the most these days? Automated telephone operators and not being able to get to a real person on a website.  People remember how you make them feel.

Not connecting with your audience, clients, or customers, is the fastest way to lose them.  It sends a message to them that you are only interested in their money and what they could do for you.  Aren’t you the one offering the service or product?

Connecting with others in your industry, can only help.  It’s like team building. If I meet other authors, and we have  similar backgrounds, we may be able to set up events together.  Same with musicians, meeting others can land you gigs.  My fans could become your fans and visa versa.

Following through after your initial meeting is key in keeping the connection.  People always make plans in the moment.  Nine times out of ten, the plan never comes about, due to lack of follow through. People get busy in their schedules and life.  You won’t be remembered if there isn’t a continuous connection. Not everyone is extroverted, but neither is Oprah. Don’t make excuses.

A Continuous Practice

Practice makes perfect. Once you follow through with anything, whether it’s out of your comfort zone or not, it gets easier.  It takes an average of 28 days to create a habit.  Why not make following through part of you daily routine?

Whether you are making a list of goals or meeting the right people, set time to step away from the lists and follow through with actions.  Write those emails, make those phone calls, start posting on social media, get those songs composed, write content, etc. Just Do It! There are no excuses keeping you from obtaining the life you want to create for yourself; except yourself, not following through.

“It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action, and discipline that enabled us to follow through.” ~ Zig Ziglar