Goals, Desire, and Willing to Receive

Keeping Resolutions

We are twenty-four days into 2019. I, personally, have a good feeling about this year. Some people poo poo the concept of New Year’s resolutions. It is probably because the notion of waiting for a beginning to get started; such as a new year, or a Monday, or a season, etc. can be a way of procrastinating.  Why wait until tomorrow? When you have today or even now.  But there is something about a fresh start that comes with a new year. So, what goals have you planned for this year? Are they money related, health related, relationship related, or creatively related?

Not everyone has a clear vision of what they really want in life. Or if they are even worthy of receiving their true desires. They go on as humans doing instead of humans being. We’ve all heard that saying before, but does is resonate with you? It may not at this moment, but I’m sure you’ve felt this way at sometime in your life.  Now that I have your attention, let’s find a way to make your life happen the way you want it. Are you ready to receive?

7  Steps To Get You Closer To Your Desires

Step One:  Write down the things that make you the happiest. It literally should bring a smile to your face while making this list.

Step Two:  Write down everything you are good at; or what people tell you, what you are good at.  Don’t worry if you think you don’t have a special skill set. Write down what come quickly to you mind.

Step Three:  Combine step 1 and step 2

Step Four:  Think outside of the box.  Not everything has to be seen first for it to become reality later.  Science is always catching up to the mystics. Many say, myself included, believing is seeing, not the other way around. Seeing is only part of experiencing life. We have many other senses.

If you are opened up for receiving, you will will receive. What does that exactly mean?  Everything starts with a thought first. Can you see a thought?  Think of your dream house. Does it exist yet? Or did you have to think of what you considered your dream house to be?  It starts with an idea, then a plan, then depending on how determined you are to have this house, you can end up with your dream house. That’s how developers do it.

Step Five:  Put this list somewhere that is visible every morning and evening. Really focusing on this list before bed. This step is important.  Your dreams will give you insight on how to further your dreams. Pay attention to words, numbers,  and symbols. They have messages in them that your subconscious mind wants you to listen to. You just might come up with the money making idea.

Step Six:  Be mindful what you are feeding your brain.  Listening to the news will put you in fear and away from your goals, assuming your goals are positive.  We watch what we put into our bodies. And yet, not what we allow in our brain.

Everything is energy when you take things down to the cellular level, the micro world.  We all tend to forget about that one and focus on the macro world.  You want to have your energy matching the things you desire; hence, read, explore, etc. everything that gets you excited and towards your goals. You will be surprised how this strategy work.

Step 7:  When an idea or inspiration pops up in your mind, find a way to act on it.  I’ve heard many say, “Just because you visualize your garden weed free, doesn’t mean they will go away on their own.  You must go out and tend to your garden and pull the weeds.” Action is key into making your visualization come to life.

All of these things working together will seem like magic at times.  Somethings will come easier and faster than others.   This can all seem very woo woo or unreal, but strange and unexplainable things do happen in life. Especially when your beliefs aren’t limited.

Ask And You Shall Receive

I have a little extraordinary, but true story to tell.  I was walking my dog on my usual trail in Castro Valley, California. It was a Friday afternoon around 2:00 P.M. I must explain that I am not just an author, but an angel card reader. Radleigh Valentine, one of my mentors, posts cards of the day on Facebook, much like a daily horoscope. For a week solid, the messages were about how angels, or loved ones that have passed, guides, etc. want us to ask for help. They are willing to help, but only when asked. Freewill will not allow them to give unsolicited advice.

As I was on this particular trail, I thought about Radleigh’s message and decided to try it out.  I asked very specifically and directly that if their messages were true about asking for help, then I wanted to see a bobcat that day as a validation.  I had a moment where I thought to myself, I had better ask for a bobcat and not a mountain lion, just in case they decided to answer.

As I walked I heard a voice, which sounded like my own voice say, You’ll see one, if you look hard enough. It was a rather snarky self-talk, I thought. My dog, Lucy, and I finished our hike and no bobcat sighting. I was not surprised, being I had never seen a bobcat in the almost fifty years of being in the area.  As I put Lucy in the car and headed out of the ranger station parking lot, I looked to the left into an open field, and I just about emptied my colon.

Mind Blowing

Is that a mountain lion? I thought to myself followed up instantly with another thought, I did ask for a bobcat. I figured since the voice was snarky with me earlier, I could reciprocate.  I pulled the car over to get a better look.

The animal was chilling in the sun. It was tan and very muscular. The ears seemed more rounded than a bobcat and did not have spots. I whistled loudly, like you would at a rock concert, to get it to move. I knew I could determine what it was by its tail. It looked over at me, then stood up, but not where I could see the tail.   I continued whistling so loudly that a ranger came out to see what this crazy lady was doing with the wildlife.

I knew what this must’ve looked like, so I said, “I can’t tell if this is a mountain lion or a bobcat.” He immediately informs me that it’s a bobcat. I just about died. He continued to explain it was not good to see one so close to humans.  I asked him had he ever seen one in this area. He said he had not. I thought, hum.  I didn’t have the heart or bravery to tell him, I brought it in.

We chatted a bit about the animal; how it was a young one, and how we all need to learn to coexist with each other the more we encroached in their territory. And on a completely different note, I informed him of a downed tree and broken pasture gate on one of the trails far out in the hills.  As he was pulling up a map so I could show him where I was talking about, he looks up with big eyes and said, “Now this is like National Geographic.”  I immediately looked to see what he was referring to.

I thought to myself, I thought we were looking at a bobcat, but that’s a coyote.  Well, there was a coyote going up to the bobcat. I thought now the angels are just showing off.  I asked the ranger, “So, how often does this happen?”

The picture isn’t very clear, but the coyote is heading toward the bobcat in this photo. I wish I had a telephoto lens on my phone camera.

“Like never!” He answered. I chuckled to myself. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

I am glad that I didn’t ask for a mountain lion. But the bobcat was a pretty good size. I think it weighed more than the coyote. I have always believed in the power of prayer, visualization, and meditation.  I believe we co-create our lives with our energy and attitude.  I have had many things come to fruition that have been on my vision board.

Not Everything Can Be Explained

When I have told naysayers of this incident, they had no words, except for wow. That’s weird, but pretty cool.  No one can explain this. Was it a coincidence? I don’t know, it was a pretty specific request.

We all have this capability, but for some reason we don’t use it. I challenge you to give the steps a try.  Start out small or big, and go for the life you want. What could be the worse thing to happen? Or better yet, what could be the best thing to happen?  Maybe 2019 is your year, too.

“If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” ~ Jim Rohn

How Does an Author Define Success?

Define An Author’s Success

Well, my first book Manifesting Me has officially been out for one season. Being a new author, I had no idea what good book sales were. When is the book a success? What exactly is the criteria that needs to be met in order claim best seller? Maybe the real question is, how does each author define success?

Success comes in many forms, as we all know.   I believe success is defined individually. Is about how many awards you receive?  Or is it total book sales? Does have to be book sold by a certain deadline?  I read somewhere if you sold at least a 1000 copies of your first book, you should consider that a success.  It has also has been said a book’s average lifespan is short; usually three months after the publicity campaign. Who wants to be average?

I mentioned in my last blog I read Think and Grow Rich for a second time.  That book was first published in 1937.  It has gone through many cycles of being trendy. It sold more than 20 million copies by 1970, and by 2015 sold more than 100 million copies.  I’d say that would define success.  I’m not sure when Napoleon Hill sold his first 1000 books, but what if took him 2 years? Maybe, a first time author will get to one thousand books after five years.  With that in mind, should you put a time on when to declare success?

Success Comes in Different Forms

Book sales define only part of the success of a author.   What about speaking engagements?  Inspiring others?  Or what about making your book current over again? If I am being honest, I am trying to figure this out for myself. And there seems to lots of ways to go about this.

Self-promoting is a very large part of how well your book will do. Have you entered contests? Awards give you confidence and bragging rights. Plus, gives you credibility.  Credibility give you authority on a subject leading to speaking engagements via podcasts, interviews in magazines, etc.  Exposure, exposure, exposure. The more people that get to know you, the more the know about your book and the more people will want it.  What sets you apart from every other author? Do you have hidden talents you’d like to explore?

In case you haven’t noticed, I love talking about the law of attraction.  Manifesting Me gives many example of where attitude was; whether through love or fear, and how the material manifested in my life.  As I’ve grasped how energy works, I’ve been able to read angel cards. Hence, adding to my income.

Updated Website

Keeping a website updated through blogs or events aids in an author’s success.  Lots of people have made plenty of money blogging in the past.  I’m not sure how much money is made through blogging lately, but it all adds up.  Plus, it drives people to your website.  Having hits on your website gives you the opportunity for sales of your book or perhaps you have PDF files of workbooks for sale and not to mention affiliate/associate programs.

What’s handy about a website is having plugins. They track how well your site is doing.  I try to set realistic goals and once they have been met, I set new goals. All of these things add to your success.

Easy But Consistent

The things mentioned above are not difficult.  Creating the content takes the most amount of time.  It’s the little tasks and being consistent that will get you the success you desire.  Today I listened to one of Jim Rohn’s videos. He said something that resonated with me and it was something to the the effect: When you plant a garden in the spring, you must tend to it all the time even up to the summer, or the weeds and bugs will tend to it for you. 

Basically, you don’t just publish a book and that’s the end of it.  Go above and beyond.  Be excited about what you’ve created and nurture it so it can keep growing.  Although, typically a book’s life isn’t long, doesn’t mean you have to follow those rules.  It’s just an average.

Balance Is the True Success For Me

Of course, money is always associated with success, but I feel balance is the most important and the hardest.  Are you only successful in business? Or are you better at having successful relationships?  Are you a successful a having fun?

Feeling proud, happy, content, satisfied, safe, loved, etc. Is really what people are striving for.  Most feel it’s money.  Because in the having the money, one feels less stressed over bills, leading to a sense of peace and security. It’s the peace and security we’re after.

As long as your’e feeling inspired and creative while producing content and making a profit, I believe you’ve found your success. Every successful author was new at some point.  There aren’t any real get rich schemes in any industry. So take each little triumph and build on them.  You are on your way to success.  It isn’t over until you deem it so.

Not Just For Authors

Even though this blog is about the success of an author, this applies to pretty much anything. Listen to successful people through videos, NPR, podcasts, books, etc. they all say the same thing.  I am only regurgitating information I have heard and applied to my life to find that it works.  Good luck and much success to all of those who want it and are going for it.

I had to share one of my favorite authors J. K. Rowling’s interview with Oprah. The first author to become a billionaire.  Truly inspiring. Click the link below.


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“Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”~ Napoleon Hill

Thoughts and Energy Are the Key Ingredients in Attraction

Thoughts, Energy, and Attraction

Thoughts have assisted me well, in manifesting and being resourceful. I mentioned this in my previous blog. What does this mean? It’s quite simple. It’s an energies game. Some of you may be rolling your eyes about now, and that’s okay. It tells me, you may not have a clear idea of how the Law of Attraction works. You might not be aware that your thoughts are energy. Science is catching up with the mystics. Look up quantum physics. Thoughts eventually turn into things.

Things don’t usually fall out of the sky and land on your doorstep, although sometimes, they do. Generally, no one sends you a book deal out of the blue, because you were thinking of writing a book. What you might get is an idea that can lead to making money through action of some sort; writing a story, starting a business, an invention, etc., which could lead to an opportunity that snowballs into something amazing.

“If I didn’t have Bad Luck, I’d have no Luck at All”

Law of Attraction is like energy that attracts like energy. Everything has a vibration, like a radio frequency, including thoughts. It’s about tuning into the frequency of the thing that you want. I’m sure you’ve heard someone in your life say, “If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.” And bad things actually happen to them. It’s not because they’re bad people, but rather where their energy and thoughts are.

Then there are those which seem to be blessed by the heavens above. Everything comes to them easily. The “knowing that they are lucky,” is the energy put into the “luck” vibration, which attracts more luck.

I’ve learned from dirt bike riding where your focus should be. It shouldn’t be on the rock or tree that you don’t want to hit. Focus your attention on where you want to go. If you focus on the tree, 9 out 10 times, you will hit the tree. Don’t focus on the things that will ultimately hurt you. Focus on the destination and the prize.

What are you focusing your attention on?

What are you focusing your attention on? Things you attract aren’t always as blatant; like a person calling or texting a few minutes after they popped into your brain. Many people have had that experience.

 The beginning of last week, my client had come back from Africa talking about her trip, giving me information for my latest working manuscript.  I’ve been obsessed with Africa since last December.

My son is in a rock band. He’s in the process of finding a drummer. Lots of drummers have been over to audition.  Drummers are a constant topic in our household. My focus is on Africa and drums.

By the end of my workweek, a client of mine, which is an artist, mentioned news of getting his artwork into a place where African drumming is taught. He had this beautiful painting of an African woman playing on a Congo Drum. Did you get it? Do you recognize the obvious signs and connections, when they happen to you? I love the validation!

 Energy and Thought Patterns

Learning about energy has guided me to examine my thought patterns and how they affected my life events. This led me to writing my memoir. I wanted share how this worked in my life through example. Manifesting Me, gives samples of outcomes, while living in a state of worry and fear. I new I needed to break the patterns of unhealthy thinking. Eventually I learned the benefits of living in a state of happiness and love. The outcome speaks for itself.

With an enthusiastic and confident vibe, anything is possible. Somethings have a longer gestational period. Patience is truly a virtue. I own a salon, I read Angel cards, and I am author. I’m in control of my schedule and make time for recreation and relationships. None of this happened overnight and without completing the steps to make them happen; salons don’t build themselves, books don’t write themselve. There is another law; Action.

Where are your thoughts and energy ? It takes about 28 days to create a habit. Not everyone is happy-go-lucky naturally. Even the most positive people have off days sometimes. Some people have experienced great loss. By no means am I negating anyone’s tragedies or suggesting you have control over every event in your life. I am merely suggesting to focus to the best of your ability on something that brings you joy. Try it out for a month. Live life on purpose with calculated thoughts and see what happens. You might surprise yourself!

What Is The Law Of Attraction? Open Your Eyes To A World Of Endless Possibilities

I’m Coming Out! An Author Has Been Born

  Newborn Author has Arrived

I’m coming out! A newborn author has arrived.  Almost 50 yrs. old, I’m still afraid of what others will think of me. After all, once it’s in writing, you can’t take it back.  I guess that feeling is pretty normal for most authors.  My memoir Manifesting Me is coming out on June 5th of this year, so I need to get over it.

It’s been an emotional roller-coaster.  One day I’m thrilled that all of this is really happening and I am proud of myself.  Then the next day, my mind races with the “what ifs?” What if people don’t like it? What if someone is offended?  There’s no turning back now. I have no idea what to expect, but I’m hopeful. What if it is successful? It’s all about the journey, not the destination. Right?

What Prompted Me to Write?

My hair clients were the ones that prompted me to write. I have always told stories of my upbringing while doing hair, simply to make conversation.  They looked in disbelief, following with a comment, “You should write a book.”  I was puzzled to some degree, because my stories weren’t that unusual, to me. Go figure.  Yet, my clients thought some of my stories were unbelievable.  I knew some were not “normal” such as growing up in a cult; or pulling guns on other children, while still in the fourth grade. But I didn’t think anyone would be interested in my life. Plus, I never dreamed of being a writer. I can hardly keep my thoughts and conversations organized. Nevertheless, it planted the seed and I got curious.  Things began to change in my mind.

Maybe I could be a writer with the help of professionals. I needed to find the people that could help me do this the right way. I’ve always been resourceful. Thus, I began to write my storyIf it was meant to be, than I’d have some guidance of some sort.

Attracting the Right People

 I’ve always been able to attract the right people to help me in life.  Even though I started writing in 2009, I finished my manuscript in 2015. I was working with one particular company, which expressed  interest  in my story. However, they were not helpful once they received payment.  They were the first stepping stone. Next!

My friend works in a bookstore putting on events suggesting I attend this one particular event, knowing my conundrum with my manuscript.  I was fortunate to meet with Linda Joy Meyers, Founder and President of National Association of Memoir Writers; Brooke Warner, publisher of She Writes Press and President of Warner Coaching Inc.; plus, some She Write Press authors. Everyone had encouraging words, despite my lack of knowledge in the writing business. “You have to start somewhere.”

After cancelling with the previous company and receiving my money back, I went forward with She Write Press in the beginning of 2017.  I received coaching and tools needed to complete my memoir. I will continually hone my craft. Like Diana Ross’s hit song says, “I’m coming out. I want the world to know…” Do you want to come out?