Everyone Has the Potential to Fulfill Their Dreams

First Step is Potential

Everyone has the potential to fulfill their dream. Potential is like the seed of a dream. Are you willing to plant that seed?  If’ you’re not, what’s holding you back? Is is lack of knowledge? Is it fear of failure? Lack of motivation?  Are you impatient?

Have you ever met someone and thought Wow, they have such potential? Yet, they never did anything with it. Nothing frustrates me more. They have great ideas or talent, but no follow through.

There seems to be this consensus in which things must happen within a year or two in order for something to come into fruition; such as writing a book, being a rockstar, being an actor, etc. Potential must be followed with action. You can’t become a medical doctor without many years of education. If you want to be a hairstylist, you need to complete a certain amount of hours in beauty school.  Many famous people have had lots of rejection, before making it big.

Everything Has a Gestational Period Including Your Dreams

Everything has a gestational period including your dreams. Once you’ve planted the seed (dream) let it develop. A gardener doesn’t dig up the seed to see if its growing. It waters it, fertilize it, and cares for it.  Seeds and dreams aren’t all that much different. Let the dream develop, grow, and evolve. Learn everything about your dream life; all aspects of it, positive and negative.

My son’s dream is to be a rockstar. He has great potential to make it big. He’s quickly learning that it’s not so simple. There is an extremely high turnover in band members, which slows down the band’s progress.  There are many talented musicians with potential, but talent and potential aren’t enough.  I think most bands don’t make it, because they quit too soon. While talking with other bands that have had some success, my son has learned that this is part of the process. It happens to most rockstars.

The other day I volunteered to be an extra in one of my friend’s TV comedy pilot. I was proud of my friend.  I knew how long this had been in the making; from idea to production.  He’s one of the ones that didn’t give up on his dream. I’m convinced people give up on their dreams prematurely. Or they are too fixated on certain details. Details can delay your process.

I Had a Specific Vision

When I had the idea to open my own salon back in 2008, I had a specific vision. I wanted a house on acreage and build a space where I could do hair, read angel cards, write books, host authors, spiritual teachers, and anything under the realm of healing the mind, body, and soul. The idea had tons of potential. I wanted it to be my Wellness Garden Tool Shed. I’d have the Garden filled with healing herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. I’d have the Tools needed for outer beauty and inner beauty; hair care products, jewelry, books, etc., and the Shed to house everything involving Wellness.

The Kinks

My husband and I didn’t have the funds to buy property at the time. I visualized as much as possible. I made vision boards; whatever I could do to, but nothing was happening. There was a house in a particular area I was looking and it was perfect. It had been on the market for quite some time and the price was reduced. Then the worst happened. It sold. I was so disappointed. My vision wasn’t happening exactly the way I had planned. Sometimes there are kinks in the plan, but it doesn’t mean the plan is ruined for life.

Six months later I found out that the house that I wanted with tons of natural space was going to have a whole new housing development built. I would’ve died had I bought that property. Maybe delays or unforeseen and unwanted changes really are for the best in realizing your potential.


I kept the Wellness Garden Tool Shed in the back of my mind, but didn’t dwell on it. Since our funds were tied up in other investments, getting a loan was nearly impossible. Years went by and I had started getting serious about writing, angel card reading, and hosting guest with unique abilities inline with my goals. I had an epiphany.

Why don’t I have my Wellness Garden Tool Shed here in the house. My already existing yard could be the garden. I could do some landscaping and do all the things I had thought of here.  My backyard has a beautiful view of rolling hills. Plus, I have the space to host guests for whatever. The point is had I’d been strictly set on a specific location, I’d still be waiting for my potentially great salon.

It’s All About the Process

It took eight years from a potentially wonderful business to a tangible and prosperous business. Had someone told me, I’d have to wait eight years to have my dream business, I don’t know if I could’ve handled it.  It was the process which kept me going. Each step lead to the next and drove me closer to my goal. It was fun learning the different steps of building a business from scratch. I have everything I want in a business and more.  It is growing and evolving like a garden. I’m not trying to brag. I knew I had potential and took the necessary steps to get where I wanted to be. If I can do it, you can too!

Remember it’s the journey not the destination. Some things are too big to take in all at once. A building starts with one brick,  a city starts with one neighborhood, and so forth.  The point is to start. Are you living up to your Potential?

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson


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  1. Totally makes sense. Great advice especially in today’s world of “instant” gratification.
    Life is a process that continually changes with different challenges.
    I agree with your views and find this article very encouraging..hope more people read it.

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